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The Ultime Skills Accelerator !

Put an HR expert in the Founder Family, he became a content manager and business coach. Here, I no longer work at the national but international level. I interact and co-build with people in other countries and continents. A mix of skills and cultures that lead to excellence, the exceptional. I also work on events that impact thousands or even millions of people. The FF is for me the ultimate accelerator of skills. This is beyond your expectations as the challenges are great. Organize an event to 2 or even 6 hours flight from Paris, is not impossible. On the contrary, it seems quite possible to you because the forces in the presence allow it and the collective intelligence is at the rendezvous. In terms of collective intelligence, the Founder Family is the most successful in my opinion because all members are synchronized to achieve a common goal and you feel from within that all will put their talent and determination to achieve it. Doubt never crosses your mind and summits are accessible by strength and excellence of numbers.

For my part, I started by taking care of the 24H00 .info media, the articles, and the articles written by enthusiasts. They have only one desire: to share their passion and knowledge. Very quickly the success was at the rendezvous and it is always, but we filmed our events and the lives took a place more and more important within the structure. So Startup. Live was born. I am now working on the social networks of the Founder Family with other members. The job is shared. No monopoly or hunting, the FF is the group that works. Coming from the world of HR and Marketing, I developed skills and support a lot of people in my career. However, the Founder Family has given me the opportunity to learn new skills and build on those already gained by helping to build world-class events. The skills meet and share as well, I developed my skills in business coaching, graphics. I constantly renew myself by creating new visuals and creating commitment. As an example, one of the members naturally took me to After Effect and the tool was adopted fairly quickly.

Individual strength is an integral part of the collective, but it never disappears. We work perfection in a relaxed way. More than a group, it’s a family.




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