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Innovation, Entrepreuneurship, Employability : Founder Family in 3 Issues

The human being is, in essence, a being who constantly pushes his limits and who is programmed to move forward and adapt permanently. To innovate and create has long been synonymous with survival in the past. That’s why innovation is the cornerstone and foundation of all economic and entrepreneurial strategies. To innovate is to improve to constantly improve one’s daily life and more broadly one’s life, to simplify it. Innovation responds to a significant number of “pain points” that individuals have met and met across the globe for millennia. It is not enough to create products and services but also to improve them so that they adapt to the tastes and uses of people. This same innovation is the expression of human creativity because we are facing humans who create permeation. The history of mankind is replete with examples of ideas that once concretized revolutionized the world, unlocked frozen situations and improved the lives of billions of people. Car Industry is a good example because it has reduced distances. The latter has constantly been improved and will continue to be improved to simplify the lives of people on board. Driving comfort is at the heart of the concerns, electronics, and computer and finally, the interconnection of objects now allow a person to see his car park alone, while 10 years ago it was necessary to play the wheel for achieving this at the risk of hitting other vehicles. Driving here was a constraint and not a pleasure. In the same way, the automotive sector wants to do away with fossil fuels. An innovation that begins in the late nineteenth century and continues with Tesla in the twenty-first century. Other builders will follow. The phone is another perfect example. The invention has exceeded its primary function by virtue of innovation. In the palm of your hand, you hold what was a super calculator a few decades ago. It is a work tool of entertainment. A facilitator of the existing. It produces ideas and services at a lower cost, as does the frugal innovation that characterizes the African continent: the birthplace of the Founder Family.


We see, then, how successive companies constantly seek to solve the “pain points” of every day and the human. To live better and more simply is one of the formulas that best corresponds to the growth of the digital economy. The latter will simplify access to entrepreneurship but also allow entrepreneurs to reach other customers, to offer services that did not exist before. It will also make it possible to publicize one’s activity and to talk about it, to talk about oneself and about a value proposition. Building branding and storytelling become an essential and even vital step with the advent of 2.0. The undertaking is not innate contrary to creativity but the latter once released, allows to defeat preconceived ideas, out of its frames of reference and become aware that whoever is: change part of the world and make a contribution to the building of humanity is possible. The Founder Family unleashes energies at its many events around the globe.


In the same way, a talent that wants to offer his skills: soft and hard skills, must also go through the box storytelling and branding. Talking about it but especially about its desires and its added value. Talking about yourself, contracting with a recruiter and talking about your skills is not easy at first, but not impossible either. Here again, the participative and open actions of the Founder Family tend to remove the barriers and limits that individuals set. Through a “#nolimitmindset”, and thanks to digital, people can create a blog based on their passion, the skills they master and share the greatest number.


The goal of the Founder Family is: be emitters, become sources of content, be the medium of your skills and your person.



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