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Esport Africa : African Esport has no limit !

ESports is a real sport as explained here: Africa could not escape this phenomenon born with computers and the rise of online games. Better yet, the latest projections show that the cradle of humanity will be the first continent eSport by 2050. Orange, MSI, Redbull: all jostling for the

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Focus on Africa !

Africa is the continent where young people are the most numerous, 60% of the population. It is also the most populated container after Asia and this is confirmed by the demographic projections. It is also the continent of frugal innovation. The latter meets the needs of the population with ingenious

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Innovation, Entrepreuneurship, Employability : Founder Family in 3 Issues

The human being is, in essence, a being who constantly pushes his limits and who is programmed to move forward and adapt permanently. To innovate and create has long been synonymous with survival in the past. That’s why innovation is the cornerstone and foundation of all economic and entrepreneurial strategies.

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