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Build your media in your own image : the example

The founder family was born in 2011 and was immediately talked about her through the events she organized. These events were unique because they were thought on the diagram: I build the event that I cannot find. It was the same for the Founder family media, Startup. Live and ESports Africa. You have already found yourself in the following situation: an interesting title but when you want to read the article, the experience turns into a nightmare with advertising, unwanted, an aggressive proposal of notifications … you need to click too many times to get free of notifications and advertising and be able to read an article. For, we did not want that and especially we wanted our own media; one that would allow us to read basic articles and spikes without performing an endless series of clicks: we wanted to be free and offer the freedom to access content written by passionate people who want to share their passion and knowledge so that each nobody on the globe can get rich with useful content.

The Founder Family: zero ads, zero banners, freedom is everything!


Very quickly met with the success which remains very present. Each article can be read by French-speaking, Portuguese-speaking, and English-speaking populations. is permanently accessible. Passionate people from around the world gathered on one site providing quality articles. A site where everyone can enjoy reading as peacefully as possible. A site open to other enthusiasts. So, we took action and built what we did not find. All this of course in a perspective of sharing because a passionate human spends countless on his passion and shares it. A site open to the world and especially to the human. A site rich in the diversity of passions and humans who do it. Each person has brought and brings his stone to the building. A building that rises as the content is enriched by new themes, new looks. New, because the quality of 24H00i is above all to innovate especially on the content.

This site does not belong to us because it is open to others. Like all enthusiasts, we only share our knowledge, our thoughts and put them on social networks so that as many people can think in appeasement.


The adventure is open to everyone!

 welcome to everyone 



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