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Startup.Live : The Founder Family movie, the first media of the Founder Family has had to combine text and video very quickly to show its events and give voice to the actors of innovation and entrepreneurship. To avoid confusion, the growing flow of video led us to think of another separate media dedicated to Startups, sources of innovation and entrepreneurial freedom: Startup. Live is born. The video, especially quality video with interviews, inside events videos and web tv shows like any self-respecting TV show, with one exception ready, the shows can be watched over a period of 24 hours. A real news channel of information with its own trademark: We talk about substance while relaxed and without advertising cutoff or banner otherwise the actors on the spot.

Startup. Live is like the Founder Family: inclusive. We’re never better served than by ourselves, so the Founder Family does it all: filming, editing, broadcasting. Everything is homemade. Entrusting this to a provider would have been grossly lacking in authenticity and DNA. Startup. Live to his own DNA, that of the Founder Family, its own authenticity: that of its members. We wanted to mark this medium with our footprint and this is visible when we cover our own events or events dealing with innovation, entrepreneurship, and employability around the world. We did not try to copy an existing model and it was from a blank page that we gave birth to this media that resembles us. From Vivatech to Mobile World Congress via the Webdays, everything is made to give the people who follow us, the best result. Thus, do not be surprised by browsing the videos of Startup. Live from country to country, from continent to continent, to hear various languages spoken in the same event. Startup. Live is like the Founder Family: without borders.

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