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Digital manager

Founder and CEO of Consulting TIME, Lamine Talakela is passionate about new technologies. Trained as an engineer in networks and telecoms, he worked for 6 years in the field of operator services in France on innovative and pioneering projects in Europe before launching himself into entrepreneurship in 2011.

Today at the head of two structures in France and internationally, including Consulting TIME, entrepreneurship is particularly passionate in the field of digital and user services (telephony, mobile, web). Supporting companies in their day-to-day challenges in an increasingly complex world, using the right tools, the right solutions, and creating wealth is its leitmotif, especially through its specific expertise in working with digital professionals (operators , builders, solution publishers) to participate in the design and evolution of existing or future market solutions. Strongly involved in the “glocal” (acting local and thinking global), it is also part of the development of projects in the region from which it came; Normandy by taking part in the actions of Normandy French Tech, via NWX (Normandy Web Xperts), but also through its corporate activities, and also a group of entrepreneurs he created in 2015 in Rouen to put ahead of the regional entrepreneurial talents.

Decrypting a complex and technically fascinating world, finding the right solution at the right time, supporting a strategy, participating in transformations that are useful to the population, is Lamine Talakela’s daily life between Rouen, Paris, Marseille, Monaco, Algiers and Dubai.

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