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Founder Family : social and entrepreneurial cohesion

As risky as it may be, a theorist and practitioner of an obscure subject such as Law, has managed to find a place among people wishing to change things in the right direction; this sense where everyone would be complementary and supportive.

This solidarity has a real resonance between the members of this family because beyond sharing a know-how, strong bonds are woven.

Today, I am a member of this great and beautiful family!

At the Founder Family, known as “FF”, I am a legal consultant. I try to make the law accessible, by my expertise and my perspective on the subject. I insist on the need to be informed about the rules of law that govern our daily lives. Also, I share this knowledge through articles that I write regularly, and which are published on the media.

At the same time, I advise the members of the FF on the legal part of event organizations and I proceed to an old legal on the projects deployed by the collective.

Our network is solid and concise in its works.

Our network organization allows both to establish a mode of organization and to offer new perspectives to each of its members. Our network as an ideology tries to provide systems of explanation to technical and non-technical environments, concrete responses to life in society through events, interventions, training, interviews and especially testimonials.

Thus, I acquired new skills related to entrepreneurship and local economic development, and I knew how to put my skills of analyst and theoretician explicitly at the service of a cause: that of the advent of a participative democracy.

To conclude, I consider that the strongest illustration of the originality of our positioning and the heuristic value of the FF may be represented by the reflections that each member devotes to the question of commitment and the report of this. last on the international scale.

The legitimacy of our network strengthens us.

The FF gives a universal value to the notion of family, rooted in nature, where cultural differences are not at stake.

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