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Focus on Africa !

Africa is the continent where young people are the most numerous, 60% of the population. It is also the most populated container after Asia and this is confirmed by the demographic projections. It is also the continent of frugal innovation. The latter meets the needs of the population with ingenious solutions and low production costs. Africa is “Lean” by essence: a result with minimal resources. It is worth remembering that the not mobile payment was born in Africa and more specifically in Kenya: the telephone, used by a large part of the African population exceeded its function of voice transport to become means of payment.

The Founder Family adventure was born in Africa through one of its flagship events: the webdays. Webdays are defined by the meeting of digital, innovation and talent (regardless of age). These are the very expression of innovation because they have been thought for creativity to emerge and to release the strengths of the continent. Ideas are a thing but without a place to concretize them and presented, they remain at the stage of ideas: webdays have responded to this pain point. This is the reason why the event went beyond Algerian borders to land in other African countries. The events of the Founder Family then became regular and unavoidable appointments. Other equally inclusive events have been designed and implemented by Founder Family members regarding employability, entrepreneurship, innovation, and gaming. These events have allowed Africans to meet, interact and enrich each other. Entrepreneurs have multiplied, and clusters raised up. Young Africans have been able to concretize their ideas and explore new ways. That’s why a focus on Africa because every day, every month, every year, the contains stands out for its creativity and ability to transform the banal into exceptional. The cradle of humanity is one of the cradles of innovation. Creating an event on the contains responded to a request, desires, needs to show and demonstrate that Africa contains a human and intellectual wealth that should be put forward. Africans also shine by their geographical mobility: a 2000-kilometer trip to participate in an event is common in Africa. Travel is not a constraint but an opportunity. As a family is set to expand, Founder Family has organized other events in Europe, such as Romania, in the fantastic setting of Dracula Castle for the opening of the event …


Africa is the source, but the Founder Family has no limit!



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